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Why an Alkaline Diet can successfully treat many if not most health problems?

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Alkaline Therapy or pH therapy is based on the observation of cellular metabolism. For example, we can stop cancer cells progression by raising the internal cancer cell pH through the elimination of latent acidosis, helping promoting a natural apoptosis cycle or cancer cells’ death.

Ideally this approach begins with an alkaline diet, raccomended by many among Natural Therapists, Healers and  Medical professionals alike.

The alkaline diet is mainly PLANT BASED, and AVOIDS SUGARS, DAIRY, WHEAT or HIGH GLUTEN GRAINS, and only to some extent it allows to use Nuts, Seeds, and Beans in small amounts. It emphasizes fresh Vegetables, fresh Fruits, and Vegetable juices along with cruciferous vegetables and greens. This Diet changes the body intercellular pH coming closer to the ideal blood pH, in itself a key metabolic accomplishment on the path of ‘health’ and ‘longevity’.

An alkaline Diet based on vegetables and fruits creates a less than optimal environment for any disease to spread, at the same time strengthening the immune system and healthy cells, through improved nutrition. An Alkaline Diet also neutralizes the acid waste that causes so much pain, not only in case of cancer cells, but many other diseases caused by acidity such as digestive conditions, arthritis, rheumatism, or skin problems, to mention but a few, where cells become anaerobic and have lost their pH control mechanism.

Most diseases thrive in an anaerobic, acid environment, and diseased cells, or cancer cells, die if pushed into an alkaline, oxygenated environment.

Yoga Wellness Detox Programs and Yoga Wellness Weight Loss and Alkaline Diet Programs are based on creating a maximum alkaline effect on the body, eliminating acidity, accumulated toxic waste in tissues and organs, and heavy toxic metals.

To reach this goal we use various nutritious and tasty alkaline preparations, easy to learn, easy to make, and delicious, as well as highly nutritious and detoxifying Organic Vegetables and Fruit Juices, together with Probiotic Formulas, and  Vegetable Broths. We also use particularly alkalizing herbs such as Amla – Indian Gooseberry, (the most potent antioxidant of all foods on Earth), Chlorella, as well as Triphala and other very specific herbal formulas to help the binding and the elimination of heavy toxic waste in the body, drastically affecting body functions, as well as brain health. 

During the Detox Diet and Graduated Juice Fasting, or during the Alkaline Diet Protocol, sick toxic cells and toxic waste will be expelled through the natural elimination process of the body, through the colon and the tongue, and through the sweating of the skin. This will allow new cells’ regeneration to take place that will make you feel lighter, happier, full of vitality, energized and rejuvenated.

The 4 Days Retreats are designed starting with pure organic alkaline food preparations and probiotics. This will be followed by Juice Fast, or Fruits and Vegetables preparations combined with regular intake of Probiotic Formulas, and Prebiotic Fermentations added to it.

Highly Alkaline Diet or Juice Fasting in itself is not always easy, and it can be quite difficult to practice in a normal home environment. However when it is practiced in a specifically conducive environment with supportive people around, and a caring holistic program designed to sustain you physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the Alkaline Diet and the Juice Fast becomes easy to manage, and the whole experience becomes one of the most uplifting, vibrating and exhilarating experiences of your life.

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Natural Therapies

The process of elimination of toxicity is greatly facilitated through a Diet combined with regular Daily Natural Therapies, Yoga and Exercises.

In Natural Therapy we use the magic benefits that Nature is offering to us through the use of WATER, SUNLIGHT, EARTH in the form of MUD, and the exposure of the body to the SUN , Hot as well as Cold Frictions.

During the retreat you will enjoy twice a day Natural Therapies, (as well as Yoga postures, and Cardiovascular Exercises), comprising:

Lemon Water & Water  Drinking: specific guidelines will be given on how to drink Lemon Water and Water, to maximise Hydration and Toxic Elimination during the Detox.

Saunas: to induce profuse perspiration that has a deep cleansing effect, revitalizing all organs of the body.

Infrared Saunas: to accelerate the function of sweat glands, in order to exhaust wastes and fats through sweat, and to relieve fatigue. Directly improves the health of all body’s cells. It also improves and enhances blood circulation.

Sunbath: to help in cases of Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Skin Diseases. it also maintains and enhances General Wellbeing.

Dry and Cold Friction: to revitalize the body, to increase metabolic processes helping the body to heal itself. To increase Blood Circulation and toxic elimination.

Hip Baths: can cure more than 100 different diseases. It revitalizes all the organs in the trunk of the body. It restores inner balance to the body and mind alike. Good for Nervous Problems, Sleeplessness, for all Digestive Disorders, including Diabetes and Hepatitis, helps in any kind of Women’s Diseases (Uterine Diseases, Menstrual Problems, etc.), Genital and Urinary disorders, as well as the enlargement of Prostate Glands.

Hot Foot Bath: good for people suffering from Headaches, Indigestion, Ovarian and Menstrual Problems, and any disease related to Toxicity of the body. It is valuable for any condition which requires deep detoxification.

Hot Packs: Increase tissues metabolism and muscle. Decreases stiff joints. Relieves pain, relaxes muscle causing tissues to relax.

Alternate Hot and Cold Foot Bath: promotes Circulation in the Legs, prevents Varicose Veins, treats Insomnia, Headache, and High blood Pressure.

Cold Packs: to reduce pain and muscle strain, to decrease swelling, also good for  headache.

Mud Packs:  to maximise the elimination of toxic waste, strengthening vital organs and relaxing the nervous system.

Spinal Bath: it strengthens, stimulates and nourishes the spine. It relieves Nervous Irritation, Fatigue, Stress, Hypertension, and Excitement. It benefits all Nervous Disorders and Balance the Mind.

Enemas: to facilitate the deep cleansing of the Colon.

The Practice of Yoga Postures

The Science of Yoga starts with the outer aspect of the personality: the Physical Body. When imbalance or disease is expereienced at this level, the Internal Organs, the Immune System, the Glands, the Nerves and the Muscles no longer function in harmony, rather they start to act in opposition to each other, giving rise to the spread of disease, and to various symptoms, pain, and discomfort. For example the Glandular system may become irregular, altering its hormonal secretions, and the efficiency of the nervous system may consequently decrease giving rise to fatigue and weak Immunity.

Yoga postures are perfected bodily postures that help, first of all, to harmonise all Glandular Secretions and the electrochemical activity in the Nervous System, helping to increase Blood Circulation, strengthening Immunity, fostering the purification and the healthy function of all Internal Organs.

Yoga Postures also release Stress, by calming and harmonizing the Mind. The result is the release of dormant energy, that becomes available to further revitalize the body and the mind, making the body/mind become lighter, creative, balanced and joyful, promoting a higher level of Self-Confidence in all areas of life. During Yoga postures the breath slows down significantly, increasing the level of Oxygenation in the Blood, in the Organs. and in the Brain, helping to increase an overall oxigenation process throughout the body/mind system.

The Practice of Meditation

The more one meditates, the more one discovers the limitless potential that exists within us all.

Worries, attachments, responsibilities, make the thinking and feeling process heavy, constantly disturbed, agitated, full of negative emotions, ultimately unresponsive towards our own sense of Wellbeing.

Meditation is a regular wake up call to be in touch with our own sense of Self, our True Nature, and Purpose, helping us to expand the horizon of our own mind, to better understand what is really important in life, meaning our sense of  Love and Compassion for everything, our feelings, and the feeling of empathy towards others and the world around us.

During the Detox Retreat there will be Guided Meditation twice a day every Morning and every Evening, to help you Relax not just Physically but Mentally as well, providing you with a precious Inner Space for Contemplation, Reflection, as well as the Restructuring of new Ideas and Inner Inspiration, helping you transforming old patterns of thought and feeling, creating new, refreshing, intuitive guidance to revitalise your Life, and your Life’s Goals.


“How I Healed Myself from a Chronic Disease with Juice and Yoga (Seriously)” (Ramesh Bjonnes, USA, Founder of AM Yoga Wellness Centre in North Carolina).

About 12 years ago I was diagnosed with “prostatitis”, an inflammation of the prostrate, and a condition millions of American men suffer from today.

It’s a disease that often makes you feel like you have the flu. Its also painful, and it drains your energy. On top of that, most doctors will tell you there is no real cure…..After trying Antibiotics for several months my digestion became so bad that i was ready to try just about anything else. And I did.

I was studying Ayurveda at the time but the Ayurvedic herbs I had been prescribed did not give me any permanent relief either. After three years of chronic suffering and after trying everything from antibiotics to homeopathy to Ayurvedic herbs to eating large amounts of garlic and drinking lots of cabbage juice, I gave up hope of ever finding a cure.

In the middle of that health crisis, I was invited to be the co-founder of the Prama Institute, a retreat and seminar center outside Ashenville, North Carolina, specializing in meditation and yoga retreats. One of the early retreats we organized was a weekend workshop on yoga detox by Dada Dharmavedananda, the founder of NathuropathicYoga Wellness Centers in the Philippines and India.

The Acidic-Alkaline Balance

What I learned from him during the three-day workshop was as radical as it was simple: if your body is acidic due to poor digestion caused by a diet of too much-refined flour, processed foods, sugar (including honey and agave), dairy, and meat, and combined with stress, your immune system will eventually break down and your digestive tract will become imbalanced and inflamed.

You will also be prone to Candida, and generally be in a toxic state of health. Why? Because when the bacterial flora in the digestive system becomes imbalanced, we develop intestinal ‘dysbiosis’, and our gut is not able to crowd out harmful bacteria, parasites, and yeast. When I learned that this could be the cause of my symptoms, which, according to Dada Dharmavedananda, had first resulted in a urinary tract infection (painful urination was indeed my first symptom), I gained new hope of finding relief from my pain.

The Cure? About 14 days of mostly green juices followed by a low glycemic fruit and vegetable diet to cleanse my digestive system and eliminate the toxins I had accumulated over the years. On day 22, I was finally pain-free. The fresh, green juices and the low glycemic fruits and the vegetables, which are all very easy to diagest, alkalinized my body, and cleansed my liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, and intestines.

After that cleanse combined with some Ayurvedic herbs, my whole digestive system was back in balance. My internal inflammations also disappeared once my body regained its proper acidic-alkaline levels. But why didn’t  the use of Ayurvedic herbs achieved the same result?

A Good Digestion is the Key to Health

My digestive-system was so out of balance that simply taking herbs without changing the under;lying cause-my imbalanced diet-was not effective enough. There is actually a saying in Ayurveda that underscores this point beautifully:”When lifestyle is wrong, medicine is of no use. When lifestyle is right, medicine is of no need.”

In other words, when our diet is wrong, herbs alone are not effective in healing the digestive system, and therefore improving the bacterial flora in the gut and thus improving the immune system.

The body’s digestive system has two main functions: to bring nutrients in and toxins out. When we digest food and liquids, the nutrients in the food and liquids are absorbed into the bloodstream to be utilized by the cells in the body for fuel. What is not used by the blood to keep our cells, muscles, nerves, and bones energized and healthy is excreted through the urine, the skin, and the stool in the form of toxins.

If the body is naturally detoxing every day, even while we are fast asleep, why is it still important to detox with an occasional juice cleanse or with alkaline superfoods? Because the food we eat is not always healthy or alkaline; it may contain too much acid-producing processed flour, sugar, animal fat, and dairy.

Stress is another reason, too much work and too little sleep will create imbalances in the body’s digestive ecology. And that is the reason why simply taking herbs-even the best Ayurvedic herbs-may not alone be enough to heal a chronic condition.

The Main Secret to Healing lies in the Digestive System

Scientists today are calling our digestive system the “second brain”. This digestive system is very sophisticated and is intimately related to our immune system. When we are under stress or when we eat the wrong types of food, our immune system is compromised.

This “ecological crisis” in our digestive system is, according to many health experts, one of the leading causes of auto-immune diseases such as thyroid imbalances, lupus, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, including high blood pressure, cancer, and more.

How does this happen? Stress causes indigestion and acid reflux, and so does eating too much hard-to-digest foods, such as red meats, cookies, pizza, and icecream. overeating under stress-and especially if we overeat on foods that have a lot of animal fat 9including cheese and milk) and sugar-will cause indigestion, constipation, and eventually a reduced immune system. ,….overeating and stress is one of the most common causes of illness in today’s fast paced, fast-food world.

The Healing Power of Juice Fasting

…It is beneficial for our health to detox the body on a regular basis with a juice fast.A juice cleanse gives the body time to rest and rejuvenate by flooding the bloodstream with easy-to-digest-superfoods.

, so that the digestive organs can take a well-deserved vacation and relieve themselves of long-accumulated fats and toxins.

…Fasting increases longevity and reduces the risk of three most common lifestyle diseases in our culture: cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Regular fasting and a healthy lifestyle have also been found to increase our lifespan by changing our genetic makeup., by literally extending our telomeres, the genes responsible for regulating lifespan.

Juice fasting is a powerful, fun, and tasty way to improve our health and wellbeing. In short, juice fasting does what the body knows best: it helps us to easily ingest super-nutrients and to effectively expel the body’s long=held toxins. Juice Fasting is the most effective way to ingest and digest nutrients and to expel toxins from the body that it does not need. When the body is allowed to do that on a regular basis, it will heal and rejuvenate- both quickly and naturally.

Overcoming Juice Fasting Potential Challenges

But juice fasting can also be challanging.

Some find it difficult to do a juice cleanse alone, as it requires discipline, knowledge, and planning a conducive environment with no distractions, in order to do it at home.

Various healing symptoms such as headaches, constipation, or skin rashes may also occur during a juice fast, and it is important to know what to do when experiencing such inconveniences.

that ‘s why it is recommended to consult with someone who can coach you through the various challenges that may come up.

Generally, however, a juice cleanse is a pleasant and rewarding experience, especially after a few days when the body begins its journey of deep, inner cleansing. We start to feel energized, light, more flexible, focused, and less stressed, and we may sleep better than we have in a long time.

When the body is cleansed, the mind also responds beautifully, feeling more refreshed, much calmer, and less affected by stress.