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Living Total Wellness Online Coaching Programs

Enhance Your Wellbeing Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally!

TOTAL WELLNESS Online Coaching Program gives you the opportunity to Integrate Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing. With all needed support you will follow the program over a period of time. During this time you will experience detoxification, improved immunity, the discovery of deeper meaning in your life, and the release of emotional negativity, or old patterns of thought and action. You will focus on your Health and Wellbeing on all levels, learning to integrate a Lifestyle and a Diet Protocol that empowers you to become the real Master of Your Health and Wellbeing.


Integrated Wellness and Detox Coaching Program include:

  • An initial Comprehensive Wellness Consultation, looking at different Aspects of your Life, your Health History, your Habitual Diet, and your Daily Routine.

  • Weekly Personal Consultations where you receive Professional Coaching, to Guide you through the Transformation, helping you to review your Life Vision and Life Directions, Build on your Strengths, Positive Outlook and Self-Discovery, review any Emotional Dependency or Negativities, looking at your Inner- Outer Relationships, Environment and Lifestyle.

  • Personalised Dietary Education taking into consideration unhealthy foods, habits and cravings, as well as helping you to introduce a Super-Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga Exercises, Dietary Changes and Natural Treatments that you can put into practice in your home environment, bringing your Health and Wellbeing at a totally different level.

  • Yummy Healthy Recipes-Cooking Tips-How to use Superfoods in your Diet- Use of Spices in your Cooking-Dips and Sauces.

  • Ongoing Facebook group interaction and support. You will become part of the Australia Wellness Yoga Detox Face-Book group to keep up with other members.

We offer you the Total Wellness Coaching Program as a perfect lead-up to the Yoga Wellness Detox Retreat or to the Yoga Wellness Weight Loss and Alkaline Diet Retreat. It will help you to learn all the basic Practices and have a good grasp on how to implement them in your life, to gain maximum benefit from the Yoga Wellness Detox Retreat.

Total  Wellness Coaching Program is also very supportive after the completion of the Yoga Wellness Retreat, with a Personalized Coaching Program to help you put into practice all the changes and the learning experience you gained during the Retreat itself.

Total Wellness Coaching Program stands by itself, to support at any time great changes in your life, improved health, detoxification, improved immunity, greater levels of energy, and a firm foundation to establish a new life direction towards a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

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